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Here is some of the feedback I have received from patients:

"Just over a year ago I suffered a severe attack of vertigo, which left me feeling dizzy and disorientated. My GP prescribed medication, which was of little help and my symptoms remained for several months. I was finding it difficult to complete even the simplest of daily tasks and looking after my two young children became impossible.
Eventually I decided to try a natural form of treatment, which is when I discovered ‘Neuromuscular Therapy’. From the very first session with Chris I felt relaxed and comfortable. The therapy was so gentle. As he worked with me I felt warmth from his hands and occasionally a popping sensation around my sinus and head area. I left the first session feeling relaxed and positive. Between the first and second treatments this feeling remained and I felt better than I had in a long time. I continued to see Chris and had a total of five sessions. After each one the positive feeling became stronger and the dizziness disappeared completely. With the help of this treatment I have made a full recovery and I am now able to enjoy my children and continue with life as it was before vertigo."

"The treatment Chris provides effortlessly brings the body back to "zero", and helps your energy flow more naturally for a good while after. It's very easy to be thrown off balance by the modern world, and this is an excellent method of re-establishing what the body should feel like without having to be "beaten up" by overenthusiastic masseurs.
In fact, sometimes the body just needs to be subtly retuned to get the most out of it, and whether you have major or seemingly insignificant health niggles, you will be pleasantly surprised at what a series of treatments can achieve"

"During the past 4 years, I have suffered the most debilitating form of food intolerance. Whenever I would eat anything I would get severe inflammation of the digestive tract. I also got dizzy spells and was unable to walk unaided. I saw several medical practitioners but they were unable to come up with a solution, which left me in total despair. After several treatments from Chris my symptoms gradually disappeared. I now feel a new person! I can eat and drink without any reactions.
My thanks to Chris Long for bringing to an end 4 years of misery and torment."
Kathleen is 76. Her problems started after she had a bad fall 4 years ago.

“I have found Chris Long’s work in Neuromuscular Therapy to be deeply relaxing. It is very gentle, whilst being powerfully transformative.”

"I have been having weekly Neuromuscular Therapy sessions with Chris Long to help treat chronic ME. After each treatment, I feel realigned, refreshed and revitalised. I feel lifted in both mind and body. I have more energy and am able to live normally again.
Neuromuscular Therapy is proving to be a great help in treating my condition."
Paola, ME sufferer