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This page contains a list of frequently asked questions about Gentle River Tai Chi.

Q. What is Tai Chi Chuan?
A. Tai Chi Chuan is a martial art. Unlike other martial arts, it is based around the idea of being extremely relaxed and using the body's lifeforce, or chi, instead of speed and strength. To develop this quality, training includes performing slow easy movements that allow the muscles to relax and the joints to become open and flexible.
In time, practicing in this way helps the body become very strong, supple and healthy.

Q. What is Gentle River Tai Chi?
A. Gentle River Tai Chi is a style of Tai Chi that emphasises the therapeutic nature of the traditional styles of Tai Chi Chuan. Gentle River Tai Chi encourages smooth, light, flowing movements that allow your body to release areas of tension simply and quickly.
Emphasis is placed on feeling the hands moving through the air so that chi reaches right to the fingertips, enlivening the whole body.

Q. What are Biokinetics?
A. Biokinetics is a system of healing movements. There are two basic sets of movements; the Ten Pillars and the Twelve Steps.
Practicing the movements regularly will help to improve posture, release tension, increase energy and improve all aspects of your health.

Q.What happens in a class?
A. My Gentle River Tai Chi classes include a combination of warm ups, Biokinetics movements and Tai Chi. From week to week, students are led through the various movements in the Biokinetics sets adn Tai Chi form so that in a comparitively short time, they have built up a good knowledge of both systems.
Students are encouraged to practice at home to maximise the benefits and to ensure they learn the movements as easily as possible.

Q.Who is Gentle River Tai Chi for?
A. Gentle River Tai Chi can be practiced by people of all ages and abilities. Beginners classes do not require any previous experience.

Q.What are the benefits of Gentle River Tai Chi?
A. Regular practice of Gentle River Tai Chi and Biokinetics will have a profound effect on your overall health and wellbeing. Here are a few specific areas where you will benefit:
Improved posture, improved flexibility, improved circulation, increased energy, stronger bones, better balance, better immune system, release of stress and relief from stress related disorders.

Q. What should I wear for Tai Chi?
A. To practise Tai Chi you need to be able to move comfortably and be well balanced. It is best to wear loose fitting clothes and flat soled shoes that are not too tight. Tai Chi slippers are best.

Q. Where can I buy Tai Chi slippers?
A.I find the best shoes to practice in are Tai Chi (or Kung Fu) slippers. These cost about £5 a pair and can be purchased either online from one of the following:
Tai Chi Finder:
Playwell details: 1A Neptune Road, Harrow, Middlesex, HA14HY
Tel: 020 861 1996, 020 8863 4648

Or at either of these shops:
Footsteps, 20, London Rd, Twickenham, Middlesex TW1 3RR
Tel: 020 8892 1681

Shaolin Way, 10 Little Newport Street, Liecester Square, WC2H 7JJ
Tel: 020 7734 6391

Q. When are the classes?
A. For details of all classes, click here

Q. Where are the classes?
A. Classes are held at Meadows Hall, Church Road, Richmond TW10 6LN. For a map, click here