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Gentle River Tai Chi

Here is John Eastman's description of Gentle River Tai Chi:
"This is the only style of Tai Chi to be developed solely for healing and maintaining good health. These movements are done very gently (almost as if one is swimming). The movements circulate the energy, known as chi, through all of the parts of the entire body, bringing them into balance and integration. Tension in the muscles is released, resulting in a feeling of lightness, well-being and peacefulness."

There are a number of different styles of Tai Chi, most of which have origins in the martial arts. I studied Cheng Man Ching style Tai Chi for a number of years before trying Gentle River.

I have found the Gentle River style to be superior. It leaves me feeling relaxed and energised and has enabled me to maintain good health and flexibility. I have noticed, in particular, that my arms, shoulders, back and neck have loosened to a much greater degree than when I was practicing Cheng Man Ching.

I teach Gentle River Tai Chi at Meadows Hall, Richmond.
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I have been studying Tai Chi for over twelve years. My teacher is John Eastman. John studied with professor Cheng Man Ching in New York in the sixties. Cheng Man Ching was a Tai Chi Grand Master who developed his own style of Tai Chi derived from the Yang tradition.