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Tony's healing story

"I decided to have a distance healing with Chris after finding him on Google and noting our common interest in Captain Beefheart! Although I had no pressing health issues, I am interested in having The Reconnection and attending the Reconnective Healing seminars myself, and so I wanted to begin the process by having some treatments.Chris was very accommodating, and it was easy to arrange a time to suit both of us.

He telephoned me at the appointed time and explained briefly what was involved (comfort and relaxation and no disturbance at my end - nothing demanding!) I set an alarm and turned my phone off, as I didn't want any calls but Chris was going to ring me a few minutes after he finished the treatment at his end, so I wanted to make sure the phone was back on for that. About five minutes later, it started. I know that what followed will not be everybody's experience, but this was mine...

Initially, a warmth began in my belly, solar plexus and then chest - very pleasant. At this point, I was happy that this could be psychological, or not. Very soon, however, my eyes began to move involuntarily, flickering around, and a cold 'energy flow' began, down the back of my head, neck shoulders and upper spine. It was very distinct and I was lying on a bed with a pillow - there was no possibility of it being a draught of air. Then things got a little more intense... I continued to relax, letting go as Chris had suggested, and my head started to shake from side to side - initially small fast movements, but quickly growing into an amazing flinging each way. As long as I continued to relax, this was quite okay, not uncomfortable. If I tried to control it, it was very clear that this was the wrong thing to do, as the tension I added made it uncomfortable.

To cut a long description short, apart from two lulls during the session (like I was being allowed to 'get my breath back'), my whole body became involved in movement - very strong and, as long as I relaxed, comfortable and not unpleasant. As before, if I didn't relax, which only happened for a brief moment a couple of times, the result was instantly uncomfortable. It felt like this was a lesson in itself! I let go gently, over and over, and just let my body go crazy, shaking and flicking all over, and on it went, only coming to rest twice for about a 30 second period each time, and then continuing. My whole body was involved by the last third of the session.

After what seemed like 15 minutes (it was actually 35 minutes, even though I was fully awake and aware the whole time) it was like somebody 'cut the current' - very clearly, the transmission had stopped. Sure enough, two minutes later, my alarm sounded. I switched the phone back on and about two minutes after that Chris rang to see how it had gone. "Well, that works," was my first reply, and we went on to discuss my experience and for Chris to check that I was all okay and suchlike.

It is now just under a week since the session. The thing that has been most noticeable is that the treatment itself was the beginning of something, not the totality. I felt a good post-treatment feeling (pretty normal with many healing modalities) but the results of this one have got stronger over the following days. This has been apparent in an increased and still-increasing feeling of happiness and 'spaciousness' in my own mind and body, so that by the time I woke up on the fourth morning after the treatment, I couldn't find my old morning-self at all, just a light, open, relaxed presence and simplicity. This unfolding has continued, and I am enjoying the difference every day in new ways. My partner, Sue, has also been experiencing much of this, too, despite having no direct treatment. As Eric Pearl says in his book, this is genuinely contagious energy, as I was to discover...

The other aspect that has emerged is that there have been two occasions in the last week where it was appropriate for me to do some 'healing' myself, once on my partner's severely bashed and swollen knee (which, after x-rays, was due to take 3 weeks to heal, and she was prescribed 3 weeks worth of pain-killers) and also on another friend for a more internal condition. I connected to the energy (I had done this before, having bought Eric Pearl's book after seeing parallels in it with things that I had been experiencing for 5 or 6 years, and really appreciating his clear explanations of what this is) and in both cases this time, there were remarkable physical results.

Sue's leg was fully mobile by the following morning, and she cycled off to work. She has continued to be completely active since. The other recipient was able to put her shoes and socks on without pain for the first time in 2 years since a major abdominal operation, and has regained sensation in some of that area for the first time, also.

So, yes, Reconnective Healing really works - even over a distance (I've never met Chris face to face) and Chris is a very nice chap, open, reassuring and genuinely interested in what is going on for his clients. I am looking forward to another treatment or two from him, and hopefully then the full Reconnection, which I was already wanting to do but now, well, I can't wait. Thanks Chris and Eric! "



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