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Reconnective Healing

I read Eric Pearl's book "The Reconnection" several years ago and later attended one of his talks. That night, I had so much energy it felt as though I was being rewired as I lay in bed!

Subsequently I took both the Reconnective Healing
and Reconnection courses and was very impressed by the quality of the work and the philosophy and spirit behind it.

I am now pleased to be offering both Reconnective Healing™ and Personal Reconnections™ to my patients. I continue to be humbled and amazed at the results.

When I started doing Reconnective Healing I was used to doing various types of more traditional therapy. A patient would come to me with a specific problem and I would try to address that problem using a technique such as Neuromuscular Therapy.

I still find that often this is the most appropriate approach to take with patients and it yields great results. I continue to practice Neuromuscular Therapy with as much if not more success than before.

Healing, however, operates through a different paradigm to the familiar one of therapy. Healing works most successfully when no attempt is made to diagnose a problem or influence the outcome. It is completely open to any possibility. There is no way in which the Healer can, consciously or unconsciously, control or limit the scope of what may happen. All true modes of healing have these ideas at their core.

Reconnective Healing
embodies these principles with wonderful simplicity. It is quite simply impossible to direct a healing session to a particular end. Any attempt to do this merely results in a less successful session.

The result is that Reconnective Healing
can bring about truly extraordinary changes in your physical, mental and emotional health.

n a Reconnective Healing session the client is directly plugged in to the source of the healing frequencies. The Healer does not act as a go-between and so cannot interfere with what happens.

In addition, the healing frequencies accessed by Reconnective Healing
practitioners have a more comprehensive bandwidth than has been available on Earth before. Its as though we are painting a picture with a bigger palette of colours or watching High Definition TV instead of Analogue TV.

These frequencies allow us to reconnect to a universal “circulatory” system of healing and evolution comprised of energy, light and information. We’re connected to this system both through the energy/gridlines on the Earth as well as directly via its permeation throughout the universe, both on this plane as well as the multidimensional quantum field.


















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