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Healing Stories

Many people have gained great benefits from Reconnective Healing. Every now and then patients are moved to write down their story so that others can share in the experience.

This page contains some accounts from my practice. Below are links to stories from other practitioners around the world.

" I decided to have a distant healing with Chris after finding him on Google and noting our common interest in Captain Beefheart!
Although I had no pressing health issues, I am interested in having The Reconnection and attending the Reconnective Healing seminars myself, and so I wanted to begin the process by having some treatments..."
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" I came to Chris through a sense of knowing that I needed his healing.
I knew little about him but had read about Reconnective Healing a year or two before and the words were stored in the recesses of my memory.
I told him almost nothing about myself or my hopes for the process and just sat with trusting the work. I have had 2 of my 3 sessions and have already been left with a huge column of peace in my being, which allows for the chaos and flux of the material world but remains constant within.
I have also now been blessed with a daughter, prior to these sessions I had been trying to get pregnant for 2 years.
I am saving my 3rd session for a future date - a delicious treat to come. "


" Unexpected liberation.....
As a 'mature' person undergoing radical orthodontic treatment, (to date, over 2 years), to correct a congenitally misaligned jaw, life suddenly proved to be difficult. Added to which, previous accidents had, to some degree, impacted further on the jaw.
I was recommended to try Reconnective Healing by my Osteopath: to see if it might help remove any dross and improve the body's energetic flow.
Having tried other therapies, I went to Chris with a completely open mind. After ony TWO sessions, to my absolute amazement, the story/holding patterns of the traumas totally vanished, no longer do I associate them with my body.
I feel so liberated: my body lighter, freer....absolutely brilliant!! "


" After several years of deteriorating health, I finally succumbed to ME at the age of 30. There followed many years of struggling and searching to find the cause and the cure.
I overhauled my diet from one of too much sugar and processed foods to an organic, wholefood diet. This, combined with acupuncture, homeopathy, cranio-sacral therapy, counselling and amalgam filling removal, helped my slow return to better health.
But at 40, although my health was better, it was not perfect. I had relapses into fatigue and depression and could only work part time, 2 ½ to 3 days a week, spending a good proportion of my days off recuperating. I really thought that I would never work full time again.
In 2008, at 44, I had two sessions of Reconnective Healing and the two sessions of the Personal Reconnection with Chris Long.
Now I am working full time and not finding it an effort at all. I am often less tired at the end of the day than some of my younger colleagues.
I really feel, for the first time in 14 years that the ME has gone."


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