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What is Biokinetics?

bioV (bios) : Ancient Greek word meaning "(course of) life".
kinetikoV (kinetikos): Ancient Greek word meaning "move".

Hence Biokinetics are movements to enhance life.

Biokinetics is a powerful therapeutic system of healing movements which work on a physical and emotional level to restore balance and good health. It can be used for specific conditions or as a way of maintaining good health.
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Chris demonstrating one of the 12 steps BK movements

The system originates from John Eastman, a well known naturopath.

Who is it good for?

Almost anyone will benefit from practising Biokinetics either to relieve a specific ailment or as a general way of achieving and maintaining good health. Once the movements are mastered, it costs nothing to practise and does not require any special clothing or equipment.

The following are some specific groups that will benefit.

Office Workers
Specific Complaints
Everyone Else!

To find out more about learning Biokinetics,
call Chris Long on 020 8744 0801 or e-mail.

Please note that Biokinetics is not intended as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. If in doubt please consult your Doctor.